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"I am thrilled to see the redevelopment and revival of The Gardens just across the street from my longtime home on Wessell Drive. The new owners are well-respected and have a true heart for Gainesville. This in-town neighborhood will certainly be a high-quality addition to Gainesville."

Doug Carter, Don Carter Realty
Gain a sense of peace...the kind that comes with a trustworthy manager.

Given recent economic history of the building industry, it makes sense to have answers to three important questions:

  • Who is the owner/manager?
  • What is their financial strength?
  • Will the management stand behind my community in hard times?

McKibbon-Robison, the management/ownership team since July 10, 2010, is on record as standing behind The Gardens residents, keeping promises and never backing away from supporting the neighborhood’s quality development standards. Since the purchase of the development by McKibbon-Robison, significant and steady improvements have already begun bringing the original vision to life.  

Steve McKibbon, the “McKibbon” of the management/ownership team, spent his childhood less than half a mile from The Gardens and played in its creeks and forest.  His parents still live in the area. Making The Gardens exceptional is very dear to his heart.